Art That Dances

You can't dream without doing

You can't do without dreaming

My art exists not only as an expression of my inner life but as a means to reconnect people to theirs.

It is the celebration of beauty and the right to be imperfect.

It is a dance.

Visual Music

Heather's artwork is visual music, it reaches past your eyes and connects to the places in your life that vibrate.

- Victoria Hamil

Amulets on canvas

Heather's art makes you feel alive, curious, joyful - and somehow connected to all the right things. A piece is like a totem, and amulet on canvas that seems to mirror the best of what you are.

- Kayang Gagiano

View Heather's orginal artworks available for purchase and head to the commisions page to learn more about collaborating with Heather to create your own unique piece.

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